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Grain bill:
- 17 pounds domestic 2 row
- 1 pound vienna
- 1 pound crystal 10L
- ½ pound crystal 60L

Hop bill:
- 1 oz Cluster, 8.2% alpha acids, 60 minutes
- 1 oz each NZ Riwaka, NZ Pacific Hallertauer, NZ Super Alpha, 15 minutes

Yeast: Wyeast 1098, 1332, 1318 (one strain per 5 gallons, batch split 3 ways)

Primary: 3 weeks
Secondary: none

Notes: Mashed at 152F for 60 minutes using 20 quarts of untreated water, sparged with 10 gallons at 170F for 50 minutes, pre-boil volume ~12 gallons, boil time 90 minutes to evaporate more water and condense sugars, irish moss kettle finings. OG = 1.054. These particular hops give orange, lemongrass, citrus, grapefruit, pine and floral aromas, which were very evidence prior to pitching the yeast. Very nice hops and not expensive.

This video is much more condensed than others, not as much detail is given on the entire process because many other videos discuss it. I concenrate more on hops because I was using some exotic varieties and trying to get more of a fruity flavor out of this beer.

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Grains and New Zealand hops that will be used
Run time: 3:17
Size: 6169K

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Quick discussion of strike water
Run time: 1:02
Size: 2052K

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Mash in, stirring, and temperature already set - brief overview
Run time: 3:07
Size: 5551K

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Discussing sparging and recirculating the mash to keep it clear
Run time: 3:30
Size: 6121K

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What a hot break is, what it does, and why you need it
Run time: 2:00
Size: 3633K

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Adding bittering hops and irish moss to clarify beer
Run time: 2:25
Size: 4301K

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3 New Zealand fruity flavoring hops
Run time: 0:51
Size: 1709K

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Cooling the wort down with an immersion chiller
Run time: 1:20
Size: 2551K

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Taking a gravity reading
Run time: 1:20
Size: 2540K